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Hear what the alumni of JCCC's Journalism and Mass Media have to say about professors, class experiences, internships and post-graduate careers.

Stephen Serda, radio producer at Arrowhead Pride

“[Faculty] helped me get an internship at 610 Sports Radio. I’m now a full-time radio producer and personality at 610.”

Margaret Hoang, communications specialist at Honeywell FM&T
“JCCC gave me the opportunity to affordably explore different courses and interests."
Ryan Westward, radio personality for 98.9 The Rock

“The faculty guided me through the requirements needed to qualify for my internship and then encouraged me to apply early. That was 28 years ago… and I've never left!”

Gabriella Sonnenschein, SEO & marketing consultant at Fusion Inbound

“Individualized attention and education, mixed with hard work and dedication, got me ready for real-life work."

Kileen Beran, video production specialist at FuelK12

“Professor Gretchen Thum’s energy made every day in class exciting and fun. Due to her influence and encouragement, I have a career as a video production specialist.”

Lacey Franano, digital marketing specialist at Martin City Marketing

“Most lessons from classes, I've used in my current position."

Ellie Light, marketing and communications coordinator for the Downtown Overland Park Partnership

“The Principles of Public Relations truly set the stage for all the PR knowledge I went on to learn. "