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The Graphic Design Library, FADS 227, is shared with Fine Arts/Photo/Film and is operated and maintained by the FADS administrative assistant, who is dedicated to the program with the assistance of work-study students. The Materials Checkout Print Lab, FADS 225, is available for students to check out graphic design resources to aid in completing design work.

The Graphic Design Library provides:

  • Maintenance of the program’s reference library collection and the supervision of its use by both faculty and students.
  • Assistance with the hanging of instructional displays of student work in the program’s display cases.
  • Mailboxes for all full time and adjunct faculty for Graphic Design and the FADS building.
  • A drop-off shelf for late projects

The Materials Checkout Print Lab, FADS 225, provides:

  • Oversight and maintenance of all program facilities, including furniture and equipment, as well as the program’s inventory of all instructional supplies and related materials.
  • Maintenance and oversight of all materials relating to program activities.
  • Access to the large format color printers.