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The Graphic Design Internship (GDES 275) is an opportunity for you to use the skills you learn in JCCC's Graphic Design program.

If you would like to apply for the internship, you will need to meet the following requirements.

Course Requirements

  • For spring semester internships, you must have completed the third semester courses GDES 230, GDES 231 and GDES 235.
  • For summer and fall semester internships, you must have completed second semester courses GDES 134, GDES 131, ART 127 and be at the top of your class. Preference will be given to students with more classes taken for internship and based on how many are available.

To apply

  1. Complete the internship application (PDF). Applications will also be available during preregistration in April/October. Please turn in to the internship faculty advisor, Nancy Schneider-Wilson, FADS 222.
  2. During preregistration advising in April or October, tell an advisor you wish to enroll in the internship.
  3. Submit your application to the internship faculty adviser. On your application be sure to include the semester you are wanting the internship, your student ID number and your JCCC stumail address.
  4. Instructions on completing a portfolio will be sent within one week after pre-registration with a deadline for submission.

Acceptance and Enrollment

  1. Acceptance of your internship application is based on a review of your application and portfolio by GDES faculty.
  2. When accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and a course waiver to enroll in the class. You must immediately enroll in GDES 275.
  3. Once you enroll you will be sent a list of the internship sponsors and a cooperative agreement to be signed by you, the internship provider and the faculty designated for GDES 275.
  4. You will be responsible for arranging interviews with the contact person identified on the internship list you have received.
  5. When you have been hired, present your internship provider with the cooperative agreement. You and your internship provider should sign the cooperative agreement. Then submit this cooperative agreement to the faculty designated for GDES 275.