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If it is at least 48 business hours prior to the start of class, complete a new Emergency Notification form and list the additional names.

If it is fewer than 48 business hours prior to the start of class, add the additional names to the sign-in sheet when you drop your child off.

You will need to complete a new Emergency Notification Form with the complete information.

Classroom locations are listed online when you register and are listed in your email confirmation.

In the event of a room change we will send you an email with the new room information.

No. Students 12 and younger must be signed in and out of class by an adult.

Yes. Children 13 and older can sign themselves in and out of class. Their parent/guardian is responsible for making sure the child knows where the class is located and where they will be picked up.

Yes. If possible, notify the instructor and/or paraprofessional when you drop off your child what time you plan to pick up your child.

Note: Your child may miss course content that cannot be made up.

If your child will miss class due to illness, please email the Summer Youth Program to alert us of your child's absence. 

Note: Your child may miss course content that cannot be made up.

Yes. Note: Your child may miss course content that cannot be made up.

If you know your child will be missing two or more days of a class, we recommend choosing a class that better fits your schedule.

While you are not prohibited from enrolling you child in a two-week class knowing they will miss the second week, it is not recommended.

  • Your child will NOT be able to make up the content missed during the second week.
  • The first week may be spent preparing a project or presentation for week two that your child will not be able to complete or present.
  • There will be no reduction in fee. Classes are NOT prorated based on a student's ability to attend.

If your child will miss week one, you CANNOT enroll them in a two-week course intending to attend week two only.

During Supervised Lunch, students spend the hour in a classroom watching a movie and eating the lunch they brought with them. 

A paraprofessional escorts the students from their morning class to the lunch room and then from the lunch room to their afternoon class.


If your child is enrolled in a Monday-Thursday morning and a Monday-Thursday afternoon camp AND you are unable to pick them up to supervise them between the morning and afternoon sessions, you must enroll them in Supervised Lunch.

No. Children need to bring a non-refrigerated lunch and drink.

Yes. Please notify the instructor or paraprofessional in the morning class that you are picking up your child for lunch so they don’t take your child to the lunch room.

No. Children are not allowed to purchase a lunch. They need to bring a non-refrigerated lunch and drink.

No. Children enrolled in the Friday full-day camps need to bring a non-refrigerated lunch and drink.

No. Children should bring any drinks, lunch and/or snacks they need while on campus.

Yes. You will need to sign them out of their morning class and then sign them back in for their afternoon class.

It is appreciated if you could send an email to the Summer Youth program for these situations so the program does not ask if your child needs lunch.

There are paraprofessionals in most classes, but they are classroom helpers and their responsibilities are to assist the instructors with projects and student supervision. There are no one-on-one paraprofessionals provided.

Yes, but we ask that students set their phone in silent mode and keep their phones stored in pockets or bags during class.

No, children need to be picked up promptly at the class end time.

If a situation comes up that is out of your control that will cause you to be a little late, call CE Registration, 913-469-2323, to get a message to the youth staff.

There is no nurse available during the JCCC Summer Youth Program.

Controlled substances are not allowed.

Children must be able to self-administer any medication and a Consent for Self-Administration of Medication form must be on file.