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Johnson County Community College's Youth Enrichment Program offers fun, interactive educational experiences for children in grades 3-12.

Designed to enhance your child's knowledge and personal growth, the JCCC youth enrichment programs help beat the "I'm boreds" with exciting hands-on classes, labs and experiences customized for youth entering grades three through 12.

Select classes on art, design, science, engineering, computers, languages and more with options that make it easy to plan weeks of learning and fun.

Thank you all for making our 2021 Summer Youth Enrichment Program a success.

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We had over 500 students participate in our 61 in-person courses and almost 150 participate in our live-online courses. We are thankful we had the opportunity to provide courses this summer.

We are excited to announce that we will continue to offer our very popular Black Rocket computer courses live-online throughout the fall. We will be offering such topics as Coding, Minecraft, ROBLOX, and YouTube.

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All participants under the age of 18 in the Summer Youth Enrichment Program must have an Emergency Notification Form (ENF) on file. The ENF is incorporated into the online registration. For those who register by phone, in person or by mail; this form must be submitted prior to enrollment.  Please complete the form by selecting one of the following:

This form must be completed once a year.

If necessary, please complete the Consent for Self-Administration of Medication form (PDF).

Mail, fax or email completed forms:

Johnson County Community College
Continuing Education Registration
Box 62
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS, 66210-1299
Fax: 913-469-4414

Due to safety protocols on campus, we are requiring temperature checks before students can enter their classrooms. As such, all students will need a parent/guardian to come in to drop off their child at the JCCC classroom he/she will be attending. There will be a sign-in, sign-out log you will complete. If the student has a temperature, they will be asked to leave with their parent immediately. Call the student enrichment program at 913-469-2323 if you have any questions or concerns. All students 12 and under will need a parent/guardian to come pick up their child from the JCCC classroom he/she will be attending. Your child must be picked up promptly after class. Students 13 and older may leave on their own.

  1. It is recommended that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your child’s class begins.
  2. For course location, please see our campus map.
  3. Look for staff to direct you to your child’s classroom where you will sign in your child.
  4. Follow the same procedures for the sign out process.

If your child is enrolled in a morning and afternoon class, please enroll him/her in the supervised lunch, regardless of age. Students enrolled in supervised lunch and full-day classes must bring a sack lunch and a drink. No students enrolled in our programs are allowed to be unsupervised on campus at any time.

Campus Dining Services are not available to summer youth participants. Healthy snacks and a water bottle (labeled with student’s name) are encouraged. Vending machines are off limits due to risk of losing money and unhealthy choices. Please do not send any snack or product containing nuts.

I hereby register my child to participate in the youth program to be held at Johnson County Community College. I hereby release the College, its trustees, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability for all injuries or damages suffered while participating, preparing to participate or otherwise engaged in activities connected with this program. The undersigned agrees to assume all risks, and recognizes that despite the exercise of reasonable safety precautions by Johnson County Community College, injury is possible whenever one engages in physical activity. If an emergency arises, I authorize emergency treatment or hospitalization when deemed necessary by college personnel. I hereby authorize Johnson County Community College to show and reproduce the name, photograph or photographs, pictures and film taken of the student mentioned above for the purpose of promoting the College, its curriculum and programs.

Our policy requires that disruptive students be removed from class. If necessary, we will call parents for early pick up. Tuition refunds are not granted to students who are permanently removed from class.

JCCC Student Code of Conduct Policy

A refund will be honored if the cancellation request is received in the JCCC Continuing Education Registration office four business days before the class begins by calling 913-469-2323.

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