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Designed to focus on railroad safety and correct train handling procedures, this course is specifically for industries that use loop or lateral tracks as a means to load and unload commodities or other materials on company premises.

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This course focuses on safety and correct train handling procedures. It is designed for industries that use loop or lateral tracks to load and unload commodities or other materials on company premises. This course fulfills the requirements of the BNSF Locomotive Utilization Liability Agreement (LULA) by allowing customers to take control of a train while loading and unloading goods at their facility.

Students will have the opportunity for hands-on application during the second day of training, and an additional day may be added to cover Distributed Power.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 

  • Perform duties safely without incurring injury
  • Quickly return to service without damaging the equipment or the freight
  • Safely work on and about rail equipment
  • Perform coupling and uncoupling procedures
  • Demonstrate proper hand and radio signals
  • Identify derail location and position
  • Identify air brake equipment and function
  • Demonstrate proper train handling techniques
  • Demonstrate application of distributed power (DP), if applicable

Those completing the class will receive a Certificate of Completion verifying the ability to safely operate a locomotive on the customer's private track.

Prerequisites: Only current railroad industry employees may enroll in these courses. Company must have a Locomotive Utilization Liability Agreement (LULA) in place with BNSF.

Industrial Rail Operations Training

  • Two days for up to 10 students per class

Industrial Rail Operations Training – Distributive Power

  • Add one day

Participants must provide personal protective equipment:

  • Safety-toed boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

Location: All Industrial Rail Operations Training is conducted at the customer's facility.

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