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JCCC's program consists of an eight-hour face-to-face classroom course, plus six behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

  • The classroom portion begins with a 30-minute required parent meeting to complete course-required documents.
  • After the parent's meeting, students will go through the Kansas Drivers Handbook in preparation to take the Kansas Driver's Handbook test. Students must pass the Kansas Driver's Handbook test to be allowed to complete the classroom course.
  • Throughout the day, students will be presented with course content, discussions, activities and videos that teach the basic principles of car control, the mechanics of turns and parking, the driver's physical and psychological factors in driving and Kansas driving laws.
  • The course will conclude with a comprehensive final exam, which a student must pass to successfully complete the classroom portion of the course.

Students will schedule their six behind-the-wheel lessons with their instructor. Lessons typically begin within one to two days following the course. Normally the behind-the-wheel lessons are completed within four to six weeks.

Students will need to successfully complete all drive lessons, demonstrate the necessary drive competencies and pass all classroom portions of the course to complete the course in its entirety.

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