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Creating safe drivers is a goal at Johnson County Community College. We offer Driver Education classes to support road safety across the metro area.

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At JCCC, our Driver Education classes will prepare new drivers of all ages to be safe on the road. Both Kansas and Missouri residents can participate in JCCC's courses. All Driver Education instructors at JCCC are certified Kansas state educators with valid teaching endorsements.

Why take a Driver Education course?

Driver education helps ensure that new drivers can safely and lawfully manage their vehicle on the road. Students are introduced to topics that pertain to vehicles and driving, and gain other benefits as well.

  • To apply for and receive a Restricted Permit in Kansas at age 15, students must have successfully completed and passed a driver education program (classroom and drive time).
  • Students get six lessons behind the wheel with a certified instructor based on the student's ability to pass the competencies for each lesson.
  • Students gain experience driving on roadways, highways, interstates and more.
  • Some insurance companies give a discount to students/families who have completed a driver education program.

JCCC's Driver Education course covers everything drivers need to operate a vehicle safely. In addition to basic vehicle operation, such as stopping, turning and parking, our driver ed instruction covers:

  • Vehicle controls
  • Abiding by traffic laws and following signage
  • Safety precautions
  • Reviewing the law manual
  • Handling emergency situations
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Planning a road trip
  • How to obtain a license or permit
  • The responsibilities of owning a vehicle
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What you need to know

Each student should arrive at their first driver ed session prepared. Driver Education classes teach new drivers how to safely operate a vehicle, park, and more. These classes aim to start students off with basic safety knowledge. In addition to the basics, drivers get to practice their new skills.

It is helpful to know the driving basics before taking a driver education course.

  • Students must be at least 14 years old.
  • We  recommend that students have instructional permits prior to the first class, but they are NOT mandatory.
  • Students can take the lecture portion of the course without instructional permits.
  • Students must have a valid instruction permit before they are allowed to take the driving portion of the course.
  • We recommend that students experience behind-the-wheel driving with a parent or other adult prior to their first driving lesson. Students should be able to start and stop a vehicle and make left- and right-hand turns in a residential setting.
  • The Kansas Department of Revenue requires new drivers to pass the Kansas Driving Handbook test in person. This test is administered at the beginning of the first class.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education for Driver Ed?

At JCCC, our excellent instructors strive to provide a high-quality driver education experience for our students. As a proud member of the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, we ensure each student driver gets the best education to be safe behind the wheel.

Other reasons to choose JCCC's Driver Ed program include:

  • Our Kansas state certified Driver Education instructors are also licensed teachers who work within our local school districts.
  • Students will have the same instructor throughout their course for both classroom and behind-the-wheel training.
  • Multiple sessions are offered each month.
  • Students can complete their classroom training in only one day. Behind-the-wheel training can be completed in six weeks or less.
  • Drive lessons are scheduled with the classroom instructor and begin within days of completion of classroom training.
  • Our classes are open to both teenagers and adults.

JCCC also offers driver training beyond basic driver education. Check out our defensive driving courses.

Take the first steps to get behind the wheel with JCCC's Driver Education courses.

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