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Knowing how to navigate 2D and 3D design programs is a must if you are involved in an architecture, engineering or construction career. Explore the potential of the most widely used design and modeling programs.

How Will Design & Modeling Courses Enhance My Life or Career?

If you’ve got the inclination to draw, design, problem-solve and create, these courses are for you!

Our design and modeling courses are used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Construction Science
  • Product development

This technology helps designers prepare drawings, specifications and parts lists. Gain the ability to enhance collaboration with redline and markup capabilities to save time, money and errors. Take the opportunity to internalize concepts and principles from building design through construction documentation.

The need has never been greater for professionals with these skills. Create your future today with our Design and Modeling courses.

Why Choose JCCC Continuing Education Design & Modeling Courses?

Relevant content, excellent instructors and state-of-the-art facilities create high-quality courses, plus:

  • We’re experienced. Our instructors are knowledgeable industry professionals.
  • We’re up-to-date. Our material is relevant, our instructors know industry trends and our labs are top-notch.
  • We’re flexible. We offer instructor-led and online classes.
  • We’re convenient. We are located close to home, we are accessible in the metro or we can bring customized training to your site.
  • We’re affordable. Costs are reasonable and offer a great value compared to other area training centers.
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