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They say money changes everything – find out how in JCCC Continuing Education finance courses.

Whether you are a captain of industry or just looking to balance your personal finances, JCCC has accounting and finance courses that can help you gain the skills you need. If your job requires you to read, interpret or develop financial statements, our experienced instructors can show you the ropes with those, too.

How will Finance courses enhance my life or career?

Continuing your education in areas like finance and accounting is critical if you’re a player in a fast-growing, ever-changing business setting or a small business owner ready to set goals. It becomes even more important to everyone when we are living in a chaotic and volatile economy.

Our courses improve your knowledge and financial performance in your current career or your personal finances. You’ll gain:

  • Up-to-date knowledge and learn industry trends
  • Confidence in your decision-making and goal-setting
  • Effectiveness using software and terminology
  • Productivity – some money mysteries will be solved

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education Finance courses?

  • We’re experienced. Our instructors are knowledgeable industry professionals.
  • We’re efficient. Our courses are packed with information and usually last one day or a few weeks.
  • We’re up-to-date. Our material is relevant, our instructors know industry trends and our labs and training equipment are top-notch.
  • We’re flexible. We offer face-to-face and online classes.
  • We’re convenient. Get high-quality courses and training close to home or customized training at your site.
  • We’re affordable. Costs are reasonable and usually less than other area training centers.
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