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Admissions Policy 310.01
Johnson County Community College
Series: 300 Students
Section: Admission


This Policy addresses credit, continuing education/noncredit and international student admission at Johnson County Community College (JCCC or “College”).

I. Credit Admission

A. Eligibility
Any person seeking regular admission to Johnson County Community College credit courses must satisfy one of the following requirements: be a high school graduate; be a concurrently enrolled high school student who meets the Kansas Board of Regents eligibility requirements; have passed the GED exam; or have reached the age of 18.
B. Application for Regular Admission to Credit Courses
All students enrolling in credit courses at JCCC are required to complete an application for admission. As part of the application process, the submission of additional documents (i.e. transcripts) may be required depending on the admission status of the student. The Admissions Office shall be responsible for maintaining procedures and documents regarding credit admission to the College.
C. Selective Admission Programs
Admission to JCCC does not guarantee enrollment in any specific course or program. Courses or programs may have size limitations, prerequisite/co-requisite requirements or other rules regulating enrollment. Additionally, Selective Admissions Programs, as approved by the Board of Trustees, have a limited number of openings each year and have specific entry level admission requirements that must be met prior to selection for admission to the program. Programs with selective admission criteria will be listed in the Catalog of Courses. The Admissions Office will provide selection criteria for each program upon request.
D. College Credit Admission for High School Students
Currently enrolled high school students may be eligible to participate in credit programs for students while attending high school offered by the College. The credit classes may be offered at a College location or at the participating high school.
E. Exceptions to Admission
The College reserves the right to deny admission, readmission or enrollment, temporarily or permanently, to any individual who has violated the Student Code of Conduct 319.01 and is currently suspended or expelled from the College, who is not making academic progress as defined in the Academic Standing Policy 314.06, or when the College is unable to provide the services, courses or programs needed to assist a student to meet their educational objectives.


II. Continuing Education/Noncredit Admission

Enrollment in the College’s Continuing Education (noncredit) courses is usually open to any person eighteen years of age or over. Additional enrollment qualifications for a particular Continuing Education course and exceptions to this age restriction will be stipulated in College publications.

III. International Student Admission

A. Admission Requirements
Immigrant and non-immigrant international students must meet all College admission policies and provide required documentation as set forth in the International and Immigrant Student requirements established by the College, which could include documentation of: minimum academic requirements, English proficiency, financial ability, tuberculosis blood testing and/or proof of required insurance coverage (as set forth in III.B. below).
B. Insurance Coverage
All F-1 and M-1 visa students attending JCCC with a JCCC I-20 are required to purchase through JCCC: accident, illness, medical evacuation and repatriation insurance coverage, unless a written waiver is granted in the sole discretion of the JCCC Director of Insurance & Risk Management and the International & Immigrant Student Services office because JCCC-provided coverage is unavailable. The student’s financial sponsor must have funds available to pay all personal and educational expenses including this stated insurance coverage during all periods of enrollment (including during Optional Practical Training) while legally present in the United States with a JCCC I-20.
C. Undocumented Students
Students who do not possess a status allowing legal presence in the U.S. will be eligible for the in-state tuition rate under Kansas House Bill 2145 (K.S.A. 76-731a) if they meet the requirements set forth on JCCC’s website concerning Undocumented Applicants.

Date of Adoption: Date of Adoption Credit Courses 310.01: Not noted; Revised: 06/16/1994, 05/16/1996; Date of Adoption Continuing Education/Noncredit: Not noted; Revised: 03/13/2014; Date of Adoption International Students 310.03: Not noted; Revised: 01/27/1993, 06/16/1994, 02/15/2001, 08/02/2007, 03/13/2014, 08/17/2017; 10/20/2005, 03/13/2014.
Revised: Revised Admission Policy 310.01: the former 310.01, 310.02 and 310.03 policies combined and revised effective 02/21/2019