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Resolution of Censure Policy 114.03
Johnson County Community College
Series: 100 Board of Trustees
Section: Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

Applicability: This Policy applies to the Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or the “College”) Board of Trustees (the “Board”).

Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to set out the circumstances under which the Board may issue a resolution of censure.


“Censure” is a public statement of disapproval or reprimand of a member that is formally adopted by majority Board vote.


The Board of Trustees may, after investigation as determined by the Board, and hearing before the Board, adopt by majority vote, a resolution of Censure, admonishing a Trustee for violation of any provision of the Board’s Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics. In addition, after investigation, hearing before the Board, and adoption of written findings, the Board may adopt a resolution of censure with respect to any Trustee who violates the provisions of the Board's Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics. The Chair in cooperation with the majority of the Board may determine the nature, extent, publication, and duration of any such admonition or Censure, which may also include removal from Board committees, officer positions, travel positions, and/or other discipline as deemed necessary.

Date of Adoption: 05/26/1993
Revised: 01/18/2018, 11/17/2022