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The CoLab fosters a culture of engagement in which students build relationships with their peers and with faculty.

Collaboration increases student engagement in the learning process. Engaged students are successful students.

In The CoLab, JCCC students experience greater civic engagement by making connections between classroom and community. They will experience hands-on active learning by participating in entrepreneurial startups. They will discover the real-world impact of their curriculum on our region’s economic development. It’s a place where they will expand their critical thinking skills and soft skills for better teamwork.

Collaborative, interdisciplinary projects include:

  • Entrepreneurial endeavors that allow students to work with start-up businesses in an internship or practicum relationship
  • Start-up competitions
  • Student sustainability initiatives
  • Music and film projects
  • Mobile app creations
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Design projects, whether they be architectural, mechanical, product, or interior
  • Problem-solving focused on real-world issues, posed by the community, the college, students, or faculty

The CoLab will also present speaker series events with frequent presentations by civic and economic leaders to demonstrate workforce and community needs, create connections between students and community leaders, and inspire creative solutions to real challenges.

Learning Resources

In addition to project support, the CoLab offers active learning resources through tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Speech/Public Speaking
  • Technology