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The CoLab is a hi-tech and flexible space created to encourage students, faculty, staff and community members to innovate, share their knowledge, team and dream. The CoLab is a collaborative space; we do our best to keep noise to a minimum during presentations, but if you are wanting to reserve a quiet space with few interruptions, there may be other options on campus that could better fit your needs.

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CoLab Commons (OCB 100)

  • The common area is filled with moveable tables, large desks, individual seating and a large couch for flexible meeting arrangements
  • High definition monitors can be wirelessly connected to your laptop or other devices
  • Outlets are built in to desks and seating to provide easy device charging
  • Cell phone charging station is centrally located, equipped with popular phone charging cables
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Presentation Area (OCB 100P)

  • Large open space that accommodates up to 80 people
  • Fully customizable seating arrangement, but does come pre-set with moveable tables and chairs
  • Equipped with microphone system, projector and mobile device connectivity
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CoLab Corner

  • Sizeable corner of the CoLab that accommodates up to 50 people
  • Equipped with high definition touchscreen monitor, with connected computer
  • Flexible seating arrangements
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Big 10 CoLab Studio (OCB 102)

  • Accommodates up to 10 people comfortably
  • Conference table for medium group collaboration
  • Two large whiteboards
  • High definition monitor with connected PC
  • In-room telephone
  • Reserve the Big 10 CoLab Studio
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Learning Studio (OCB 107)

  • Active learning space that accommodates up to 24 people comfortably
  • Multiple easily-moveable tables for large group collaboration
  • Large whiteboards around the room, including hand-held whiteboards for group activities
  • High definition touchscreen monitor
  • Projector with connected PC
  • Ceiling microphones
  • Web cams
  • In-room telephone
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Professional Portrait Booth


These spaces feature some of the CoLab’s most advanced technologies and tools. Designed for use by students and faculty in the unique academic programs associated with the studios, they are not generally available for direct reservation. If you have a special project or event you would like to partner with the CoLab on using one of these spaces, please contact us to discuss options.

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Motion Capture Studio

  • Motion capture cameras, suits, and high-end computer allow minute body movements to be recorded, providing data to create realistic animations
  • This room is also fitted with a large green screen for more video production related options
  • Designed for use by animation and game development students
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Gaming and Animation Lab

  • Equipped with the latest high-end computers for the maximum amount of productivity
  • High definition monitors are connected around the room for easy collaboration
  • Designed for use by gaming and animation students
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Recording Arts Studio

  • Features computers and specialized equipment for audio editing
  • Sound booth with mixing controls for professional-grade audio recording
  • Designed for music production students