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Student Internships

Participating in an internship is an important experience to complement the learning you do in the classroom.

Planning for a Student Internship

You should be planning at least one semester prior to the semester you wish to do the internship. Some of the best internships require early application procedures, so research on internship opportunities is best if you begin planning two semesters in advance.

Many internships are paid, but some are not paid. The organization providing the internship determines whether or not an intern will be paid. College internships are determined by JCCC program requirements.

Questions for Potential Employers

Remember that it is okay to ask a potential employer questions about your internship with that company. The following are questions you may consider asking:

  • What percentage of my time will be spent on professional duties?
  • What will my typical day be like?
  • What kinds of skills will I be able to develop?
  • Who will be my supervisor/mentor during my internship?
  • May I attend meetings and meet people from other departments?

Finding Internships

Refer to our guide to finding an internship (PDF) to learn the steps involved and the questions to ask before accepting an internship opportunity.

Internship Job Listings

Check the rolling boards located around campus, in binders in the career development center and the link to JobLinks on our website.

Institutions offering experiential programs (internships, work abroad, volunteer, au pair):

JCCC Career Programs Offering Internships Courses
Accounting Graphic Design
Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement Health Information Systems
Automotive Technology History
Biotechnology Horticulture
Business Administration Hospitality Management (Seminar in)
Business Office Technology Hotel Management
Computer Information Systems HVAC Technology
Computer Interactive Media Information Technology
Construction Management Interior Design
Drafting Technology Journalism and Media Communications
Electrical Technology Marketing and Management
Electronics Technology Medical Coding
Emergency Medical Science Metal Fabrication
Entrepreneurship Paralegal
Fashion Merchandising Political Science