Student Leadership Program

Cavalier Leadership Development Program (CLDP)

This is a 10-week program that includes workshops and presentations focusing on servant leadership. It offers current and practical examples to guide students into significant leadership roles. 

Advantages of Participating in Leadership Development

Enhancing your leadership skills will help you excel in any endeavor that you wish to pursue. Becoming a leader will develop confidence and encourage others to depend on your for guidance whether it is career or volunteer related opportunities. Your Leadership Certificate will we will be a notable accomplishment that will assist you during the transfer process to 4-year colleges/universities and during your career search. It’s a resume builder that makes you stand out from the rest as an exceptional leader!

Fall 2016 Workshop Schedule

Contact Keith Davenport, manager of student activities and leadership development, by email or by phone at 913-469-3433 to notify him that you plan to participate, to receive email updates or for additional information.

The time and location for all programs is 12:30-1:45 p.m. Tuesdays in Commons (COM) 319.

Sept. 6: The Core Principles of Effective Leadership

Sept. 13: The Value of People

Sept. 20: Leading from Your Strengths

Sept. 27: Big Visions with Practical Goals

Oct. 4: Effective Meetings and Events

Oct. 11: Leadership and Ethics

Oct. 18: Performance Management & Preserving Workplace Culture

Oct. 25: Conflict Resolution

Nov. 1: Developing Leaders

Nov. 8: Leadership Q & A Panel