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CSI Forms for Clubs and Organizations

The following forms may need to be submitted to the CSI office:

Catering Request Form — PDF
This form is used when a club would like to order catering for an event or meeting.

Chance Drawing Application and Financial Report — PDF
This form is used anytime a student organization would like to host a chance drawing fundraiser.

Cultural Event Funding Request — PDF
This form should be used when a student organization or department is seeking funding for multicultural events at JCCC.

Event Request Form — PDF
This form should be used to request that an event be scheduled for your organization.

Event Evaluation Form — PDF
This form allows a club to assess a previous event to determine what worked, what did not and whether the event should be held again in the future.

Film and Movie Rights Form — PDF
This form should be submitted when your organization plans to show a movie as part of an event or fundraiser. 

Fundraising Request Form — PDF
Guidelines and request form to provide proposed details of the fundraising plan for your organization.

Media Authorization and Release Form — PDF
The form should be filled out by all participants of an event or activity that will be recorded or photographed. 

Meeting and Table Request Form — PDF
The form allows you to submit details for scheduling meetings or reserving tables for your organization.

Organization Registration/Reinstatemant Form — PDF
This form provides the details to create a new organization or for an inactive club to be reinstated..

Organization Update Form — PDF
This form will allow an organization to update any changes to the club's student leadership, advisors or information..

Organization Website Request and Guidelines — PDF
This document will provide the structure and guidelines for organizations to maintain websites, tools used and location for publishing the site as well as access guidelines. This will provide an easy transition as new members replace existing members to maintain the site.

Student Interests Form — PDF
This form will allow students to connect with current student organizations.