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Traveling Process & Procedures

When traveling on behalf of or using funds from JCCC, whether local or long distance, individuals and organizations must follow the JCCC Student Trip/Travel Policy and the operating procedure - 318.08To make sure that your organization is staying in line with college policy, the Center for Student Involvement can assist you in navigating the travel process, helping reduce the stress involved by taking some of the work out of your hands. If you have any questions regarding travel, please contact the CSI.

We encourage you to plan your trip as early as possible so that vehicle requests, hotel reservations, registrations, etc. can be made early and without additional fees incurred by your organization. It also is helpful if your organization is requesting financial support from Student Senate, as Senate Budget Requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While each trip is different, please keep the following process in mind as you plan your trip:

  • Funding: You will need to have an idea of the costs associated with your trip. Will you rent a vehicle or have shuttle transportation? If you are flying, how much do the flights cost? What is the cost of tickets/registration/hotel rooms? Do you have enough money in your Agency Account, or will you need to request funds from Student Senate? Will students need to pay out of pocket for a portion of the costs?

    If you are requesting funds from Student Senate, submit your paperwork as soon as possible. Even if you turn in your paperwork late or if it will be some time before Senate hears your budget request, continue with the rest of the process. The longer you wait, the more expensive your trip can be. We can make the reservations before the Senate Budget Request has been processed, saving your organization funds and letting you know how much money your organization will need to come up with prior to the trip.

  • Travel Packet: At least one month prior to your trip, your Advisor will need to pick up a Travel Packet for Students and Student Groups from the CSI. If there are any students traveling who are under the age of 18, the Advisor will need a Travel Form for Minor Students for each student. All forms must be filled out in their entirety and then returned to the CSI at least two weeks prior to traveling. Please note that participants must either be currently enrolled JCCC credit students or faculty/staff.

  • Travel Authorization: Any time an organization travels, whether locally or long distance, any staff participating in the event should fill out a Travel Authorization form. This form allows staff to track all expenses incurred as part of the travel and ensures that event registration is completed in advance with all fees paid. The form should be filled out as early as possible, and the CSI can help you with this step.

  • Transportation Reservations: Once your trip has been set, the next step is for your Advisor to make reservations for transportation to and from your event. If you are traveling within 500 miles of the campus, you can use a campus vehicle. The college has 11-passenger vans, minivans and sedans available for use at no charge to your organization. The vans must be reserved in advance through Vehicle Reservations. If a college vehicle is not available, your Advisor will need to make arrangements for alternative transportation, including renting a vehicle or booking a shuttle, which must be funded by your organization.  Drivers must have approval from Risk Management prior to traveling.

    If your organization is flying to a destination, we recommend booking this as early as possible to help keep the best price possible. Please meet with the Center for Student Involvement to make arrangements to book your flight. Please note that, when traveling to the airport, your organization will have to use college-approved vehicles as outlined in the JCCC Student Travel Procedures.

  • Hotel Reservations: When making hotel reservations, many hotels will ask for a credit card to help hold the space. If an Advisor does not feel comfortable using his/her credit card to hold the room(s), please meet with the Center for Student Involvement to make arrangements to reserve the hotel room(s).

    Once your hotel reservations have been made, the Advisor should fill out theLodging Prepayment form, which can be found on InfoShare. It allows for your organization’s room(s) to be paid for in advance via credit card, or for a check to be printed for your advisor to give to the hotel at check in.

  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training: All students traveling on behalf of or with funding from JCCC must complete Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training. The training is an online course in Angel and should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the training session, students must take a 10-question mastery test and receive a passing score of 80 percent or higher. Once a student has passed the test, the results will be kept for the remainder of the school year; students will not have to retake the test each time they travel over the course of an academic year, so long as they have a passing score on file.

  • Pre-Trip Meeting: The week prior to your trip, your Advisor will schedule a meeting for all travel participants. During the meeting, the Advisor will read through the Student Code of Conduct so that participants understand that they must abide by the Student Code of Conduct while traveling. The meeting is also a great time for the Advisor to share travel information – such as the itinerary, hotel location, travel times and flight information – with the students.

  • Follow-up Paperwork: Following the trip, your Advisor will need to wrap up any paperwork, including filling out an Out of Pocket Expense form if necessary. If you are unsure of what should be done following your trip, check in with the CSI.