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Social Networking

Social networks are a fantastic way to connect with students, faculty, staff, and departments at JCCC. Not only can you share information with your current members, but you can reach out to other students, spreading your organization’s reach. 

Many of JCCC’s organizations have accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even find the CSI on those two sites. If you’re not already following us, what are you waiting for? We use our Facebook and Twitter to keep students aware of important information and deadlines. We also use them to share ideas for fundraising, leadership lessons, and much, much more. 

Below are ideas for how to make social networks work for your organization (adapted from the Social Networking Success presentation led by Jason Baldwin and Mindy Kinnaman, former manager of student life, at the NACA Regional Conference in October 2009): 

  • Membership Drives: Host membership drives at organization fairs (Club and Orgs Day, Campus Kickoff and Campus Craze) and at campus-wide events. Reserve a table and add students to your social networking sites on the spot.
  • Add-A-Friend Campaigns: Have your organization friend your campus friends. Post meeting times on your wall or in your Twitter feed and encourage your friends to join you.
  • Word of Mouth: On all of your organization’s publicity, include a link to your social network sites. Pass out information like business cards, magnets, or sticky notes with the links. Finally, use table tents or buttons to share the news on where people can find your organization on social networking sites.
  • Viral Campaigns: Use video teasers to promote upcoming events, or link to sites off Facebook and Twitter that can give information on your event. Also, don’t be afraid to turn your event into a trending topic. Just add a #, ex. #MulticulturalNight.
  • Mid-Event Promotions: Give live updates throughout your event. If you can, post photos or video footage with the message that it’s not too late to attend!
  • Collaborate: Team up with other organizations on campus – and definitely with the CSI as we would love to promote your event! – to help advertise your event to other students.
  • Don’t limit yourself! These are simply a few ideas to get your working in the right direction. Never be afraid to take advantage of the many different ways social networking can help your group grow!