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Retaining Membership

Suggestions for retaining members:

  • Cliques are bad. If you see someone new at a meeting, go out of your way to talk to them. Make people feel accepted and comfortable. Just remembering someone’s name can be the difference between whether or not they join. 
  • Have a fun meeting once a month. People will be more likely to come to meetings if you just have fun, instead of just talking about business. 
  • Have goodies, such as cookies or other treats. 
  • Have service hour goals. When your club reaches a certain number of hours, have a party to celebrate. Also do the same thing for individual members. Offer a certificate or a prize when you reach a certain number of hours. Also, you can have a club award for the person in your club who does the most service hours during the year. 
  • Have socials at least once a month. 
  • Go to Campus Events, movies, sporting events. They’re usually free or inexpensive. 
  • When a prospect attends his/her first meeting, the club secretary should send by mail a follow-up letter from the club president. This letter should be mailed the day after the meeting. If the follow-up letter is emailed, it should be sent directly from the club or club president’s email address. 
  • If your club has a newsletter or emails meeting minutes, sending that information to prospects who visited your club keeps the door open for membership. Therefore, add all prospective members to email or mailing lists for two to three months after they visit your club. Be sure to list in the newsletter the names of all guests who visited the club. More importantly, after the membership meeting or anytime a new member joins, list the names of all new members who join in the newsletter.
  • Each prospect who attends a Membership Meeting, but declines to join the club, also should receive a letter from the president. It should thank him/her for attending and invite him/her back to future meetings.