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Fundraising for Your Organization

  • To fundraise on campus, you must be a currently registered JCCC student organization in good standing and receive approval from the Center for Student Involvement.
  • Money collected from fundraisers can be spent on programming and operational expenses for your organization. Examples include catering for events, awards, conference fees (including lodging and transportation). Money cannot be used for personal gain.
  • If you are co-sponsoring a fundraising activity with another student organization, both groups must sign off on the application and other paperwork if necessary.
  • If you are hosting a table to collect donations or to hold an activity such as a bake sale, you must submit a table request form at the time you submit the fundraising request formApplications will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until both forms have been received.
  • If you are hosting a fundraising event, you must submit an event request form at the time you submit the Fundraising Request form. Fundraising Requests will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until both forms have been received.
  • The Center for Student Involvement will consider the time frame of the application. In most cases, the sponsoring organization should be submitting its application well in advance of the fundraising event or activity.

  • Chance drawings: State law requires that chance drawings require no purchase or donation to participate in the contest. Anyone requesting a free entry into the drawing must be provided with one.
  • All fundraising activities should comply with licensing and tax laws, state and federal laws, as well as JCCC and campus regulations. Permission shall not be granted for the sale of products or services that conflict with JCCC policies.

  • Please note that fundraising events cannot include the sale of licensed merchandise (i.e. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and items not intended for resale) without express permission from the license holder or advanced sales on merchandise, such as catalog orders. All food sales must receive approval from Catering.
  • The use of motion pictures in a fund-raising event is subject to all applicable copyright regulations. It is a violation of the law to show a film in public without the explicit permission of the film’s copyright owner. This includes renting or purchasing a film, as that does not include permission to show the film in public. When showing motion pictures, the sponsoring organization must demonstrate that it has permission to do so.
  • Cash boxes are available from the Student Life Office and must be used any time money is collected on campus. During the event, two people must be present at the table at all times. After the fundraiser, the cash box must be returned to the Student Life Office or Student Welcome Desk on the same day of the event so that the funds can be deposited into the organization’s Agency Account. The person turning in the cash box will need to stay for a cash count, and at that time, he/she will be given a receipt of the funds to be deposited into the Agency Account. Cash boxes cannot be taken off campus at any time. If your organization is hosting an off-campus or evening event, the Student Life Office will make arrangements for your organization to have a cash bag and to return it to the Business Office immediately following the event. 

  • Credit and/or debit cards, PayPal, and other forms of payment beyond check or cash cannot be used for fundraising events unless the organization uses the College Marketplace system through ShopJCCC. Please contact the CSI for information on how to create a link for your event on ShopJCCC.

  • Check requests will be done through the Student Life Office. Check requests, reimbursements, etc., require the signature of the Student Organization Advisor and the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Leadership Development. When requesting a check, please allow one to two weeks for processing. The forms can be obtained from the Student Life Office, COM 100. The Student Life Office may be reached at 913-469-3410.

  • All expenditures must be supported with original invoices or original itemized sales receipts, and only inventorial items may be reimbursed. Examples of items that cannot be reimbursed include ingredients for any type of food sale and beads and other individual components used to make jewelry. Funds are reimbursed according to JCCC Business Office policies.

  • The Foundation Office must be contacted prior to asking for cash donations in order for the gift to be tax deductible. Working with the Foundation Office will help to expedite the raising of money to benefit JCCC or your Student Organization.
For questions regarding fundraising, contact the Center for Student Involvement in COM 309 or by calling 913-469-7657.