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Equipment and Services

Once a Student Organization is approved, the Center for Student Involvement will be able to help with the following:

  • Reservations for the use of the CSI Conference Room (COM 309B) and other classrooms/venues are handled through the Center for Student Involvement, ext. 7657. Your Student Organization can schedule meeting rooms up to one semester in advance.
  • Reserve table(s) located on the 2nd floor of the Commons building for events such as recruiting new members, fundraising, sharing/distributing information, event advertising, etc.
  • Fundraising information is available by contacting the Center for Student Involvement.
  • For fundraising purposes, use of a cash box can be arranged by contacting the CSI. As the Student Life Department has a limited number, you are strongly encouraged to make reservation as far in advance as possible. The standard cash limit for the cash box is $30.
  • Travel policies. Please contact the Center for Student Involvement for travel forms and information that must be completed and returned prior to departure. As representatives of JCCC, students must follow the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Student Organizations may use the photocopier, black and white and color printers in the Center for Student Involvement. For multiple color copies or specialty documents, student organizations will need to submit a Document Services request to the CSI for the copies needed. Please allow 3-7 business days, depending on the type of work requested.
  • Supplies for publicity and promotion are offered for clubs and organizations to advertise for recruitment, events, and other special occasions. The supplies include, but are not limited to, paper for flyers and banners, whiteboards, markers, Circuit machine, glue, and scissors.
  • Video cameras are available for club and organization members to check out for promotional projects. The cameras are located in the Student Lounge Check-Out Room, COM 311, and can be used during Student Lounge operating hours, up until one hour before closing time. The cameras cannot be reserved in advance and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To check out a camera or to learn more, please visit the Student Lounge Check-Out Room.
  • The CSI offers shared workspaces and storage spaces for Student Organizations. Space is allocated based on level of activity.
  • Any promotional flyers or posters should be brought to the Center for Student Involvement to be reviewed and posted throughout campus on designated bulletin boards. Any outdated or non-approved information will be removed by the Student Activities Office.
  • There is a button-making machine at the Student Welcome Desk (SC106) that is available during regular office hours.
  • Advertisements and sales on campus must be limited to fund-raising activities, which will directly benefit the student organization, college, or a college division. Fundraising for personal use or gain is strictly prohibited. Food sales must receive prior approval from Dining Services. All campus advertising and sales must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Leadership Development. Approved vendors are permitted on campus subject to Student Life policy.
  • Contact information for prospective members. When students complete a student interest form and submit it to the CSI, staff will contact your organization and let you know who is interested. We highly recommend that a member of your organization reach out to the prospective members with general information about the club, including meeting dates, times, and locations.
  • Help and ideas for how to boost organization membership and retention.The Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development is always available to meet with your organization to discuss ways in which you can increase membership and keep members.
  • Inclusion in the listing on the JCCC Clubs & Organization section of the Student Activities & Organizations website and promotional brochures and handouts for the Center for Student Involvement.