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Creating and Distributing Flyers

Among the amenities offered for clubs and organizations in the Center for Student Involvement is printing. The CSI features black and white and color printers for clubs to print off up to 30 copies of flyers and other club-related information. We keep stock color paper, labels, blank business cards and art supplies – including a Cricut machine – students can use to help with club business. 

When your printing needs exceed 30 pages or if you would like to print posters, brochures, or anything else, the CSI can work with your organization to have Document Services prepare the items you need. The CSI will cover the printing costs, within reason. Document Services asks that students not approach their office directly, so any time you need to have items printed through Document Services, please contact the CSI staff. 

Please keep the following information in mind when creating and distributing flyers: 

Creating Flyers

  • Student organizations can use art supplies, along with banner paper provided in the CSI to create their own advertising materials.
  • CSI computers and printers can be utilized by approved student organizations.
  • Before printing in color or using art supplies, students must get permission from one of the CSI staff members.


  • All flyers and posters must bear the name of the sponsoring organization.
  • All flyers must be approved by the Student Involvement Ambassador, Administrative Assistant, or Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development. The CSI staff reserves the right to deny advertisements that feature inappropriate content, lack of information, copyrighted materials without permission, and any other concerns. It is recommended you have flyers approved prior to printing them, so that you have an opportunity to correct any errors.
  • Following approval, the staff will fill out a Document Service Request for copies of the organization’s flyers, if needed.
  • After request is placed, the organization’s flyers will be delivered to the CSI. Up to 30 can be left with CSI for posting on bulletin boards throughout campus, with the other amount distributed manually by the organization. Please note: Flyers cannot be handed out in any building, unless the organization has reserved a table through the Center for Student Involvement.
  • Contact The Campus Ledger to see what options are available for publishing an ad for your organization / event.

JCCC-Sponsored Events or Recognized JCCC Student Organizations Only

  • We will display 30 flyers on the Student Activities bulletin boards throughout campus for each group.
  • Information will be posted for 30 days maximum.

Off-Campus Events/Publicity

  • Student Activities bulletin boards are reserved solely for JCCC-sponsored events/publicity and Student Organizations.
  • Community bulletin boards located on the OCB second and third floors are available for posting of one item for 30 days.

Roommate/Housing Postings

  • Postings for vacant apartments/houses that are for rent or for sale are also permitted.
  • NO posting for roommate situations.