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Your Student Organization Advisor

A Student Organization Advisor is a vital part of an organization.

The Advisor is there to assist all members in the organization, provide history and continuity for the organization, motivation for all members, and introduces ideas and perspectives to keep the organization moving in a positive direction.

The Function of Student Organization Advisors 


  • Providing continuity with the history and tradition of previous years
  • Helping the organization understand College policies and procedures
  • Arbitrating intra-group disputes
  • Keeping the organization focused on its goals 

Group Growth

  • Teaching the techniques and responsibilities of leadership, fellowship, and self-discipline
  • Coaching the officers in the principles of group organizational and administrative practice
  • Developing procedures and plans for action 

Program Content

  • Introducing new programming ideas
  • Providing opportunities for the use of classroom skills where appropriate
  • Extending the insights of their experiences and prior knowledge
  • Acting as a resource person for acquiring outside speakers and activities for the organization

The Student Organization Advisor’s goal is to cultivate student enthusiasm and initiative while tempering it with a realistic knowledge of the possibilities, or seeking the institution’s input if unsure. 

The Duties of Your Advisor

Teaching/Coaching Pointing out new perspectives and directions, assisting in the development of insight into problems, coaching individuals in their duties as discussion leaders and/or officers, identifying and developing potential new leaders, and assisting in upholding the standards of a collegiate-level organization.

Consultation on Programs Keeping abreast of projects or events and offering ideas freely without dominating program planning.

Provision of Continuity Informing officers of the organization’s history and past programs and their outcomes.

Interpretation of Policy Informing the officers of policies, why the policies exist, and the channels to be followed to obtain exceptions or revisions.

Supervision Attending all of the organization’s events.

Meeting Emergencies Lending assistance if called upon by the organization or the College if an emergency situation should arise.

Financial Supervision Assisting the organization and helping it be successful at staying aware of the nature, extent, and pattern of expenditures and income.

Organizational Records Encouraging the officers to maintain adequate rosters, records and minutes of all club activities.

Information Updates Obtaining any corrections or changes within the structure of the organization and making sure this information is shared with the Center for Student Involvement.

Responsibilities of Student Organization Advisors

  • Strongly encouraged to attend all meetings. 
  • Attend all scheduled functions/events planned by the student organization.
  • Accompany the Student Organization in all off-campus travel.
  • Assist the Student Organization in developing sound accounting procedures conducive to college policies.
  • Communicate regularly with members and as needed with Center for Student Involvement personnel.
  • Offer constructive criticism and guidance and uphold JCCC’s policies and procedures in the Student Organization. Please notify the Center for Student Involvement immediately if the Student Organization’s actions or the behavior of individual members is contrary to its general statement of purpose, violates the JCCC Student Code of Conduct, or a program that is not approved by you. 
  • Assist the Student Organization in fulfilling its statement of purpose and the goals.
  • Work with officers to uphold the policies of JCCC.
  • Encourage the members to operate within the framework approved by the Student Senate.
  • Act in a consulting and advising capacity with final decisions made by a majority vote of the student organization’s members.
  • Keep an organization membership roster and provide member and officer updates to the Center for Student Involvement as requested.
  • Encourage the members of the Student Organization to utilize the Center for Student Involvement as a resource.
  • Approve all necessary paperwork required for room scheduling, hosting events and/or fundraisers, etc.