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Active Status for Your Organization

At the start of each semester, every Student Organization needs to fill out a Student Organization Update Form through the Center for Student Involvement.

The student organization update form allows the CSI staff to keep in contact with your organization’s leadership and help promote your organization to prospective members. It is also required in order for your organization to retain active status.

In order to be recognized as an active Student Organization, each club must have a minimum of 10 members, have an advisor, and hold regular meeting times throughout the school year. If the Student Organization is missing one of the above components, it then becomes inactive. The Center for Student Involvement is here to help your organization avoid inactive status.

To help determine whether your Student Organization is active, the CSI asks that all Student Organizations submit a Student Organization Update Form. Not only does this provide us with current information, but it also gives us an opportunity to reach out to your organization if help is needed. The information submitted on the form is used to create mailing lists and update information, including co-curricular transcripts, CSI publicity, and the website listing of all active student organizations – a great way to get your Student Organization exposed to incoming and current JCCC students. 

When a Student Organization does not submit an update form, it can affect the group in several ways. When organizations do not maintain communication with the CSI, the office could be led to believe the group is inactive and remove it from publicity. It also can impact whether a group is eligible to receive funding from Student Senate, as the Student Senate Constitution states:

Student Organization Qualifications. A completed packet must be submitted to the Vice President for verification with the Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development. A new student organization requires a minimum of one Faculty/Staff advisor for operation. A new student organization must have at least ten (10) signatures of Johnson County Community College students of prospective members to be recognized. Student Organization update forms are to be turned in to the Center for Student Involvement each year to remain active. Each student organization must be non-profit in nature and all funds made through fundraising must go for the student organization or college agency account. Each student organization must send a representative for each funding request for discussion in the General Assembly and Budget Committee meetings. Any dispute of a club or organizations’ validity will be resolved by the Inter-Club Council Committee. A student organization may only request funds from Student Senate after being an active organization on campus for one calendar year from date of initiation. Failure to maintain an "active" status will result in an organization being ineligible to receive Senate funding.  Active status defined as follows: an organization will provide an update each semester for primary and alternate contact information to the Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development.(refer to the Senate Constitution, Article VI: Student Organizations, p. 8.) 

If your organization advisor leaves the institution or chooses to step down as your advisor, the CSI also can help you reach out to faculty and staff interested in serving as an advisor. Please notify the CSI as soon as possible if you need help finding a new advisor or co-advisor.

In the event your organization membership drops below 10 members, the CSI can help you recruit new members so that you do not become an inactive organization. Once you have submitted your update form and it is noted that you have less than 10 members, the Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development will reach out to your organization to help you plan how to increase your membership. Ideas for how to recruit and retain Student Organization members can be found in the resources section of this handbook. Also, please feel free to talk with the Manager of Student Life and Leadership Development for further ideas.