Printing Guidelines and Quotas

Pages are deducted from the user’s quota each time a print job is completed based on the rules defined for the printer. The user will have the opportunity to review the cost of the print job prior to sending it to the printer when using a printer that imposes a fee. Typical use costs are highlighted below by user type:

  • Students: No cost for first 200 pages during spring and fall terms, 100 pages for the summer term. After those limits are reached, the cost is $.10 per black-and-white single-sided page.
  • Guests: Cost is $.15 per black-and-white single sided page regardless of the number of pages printed.
  • Faculty/Staff: JCCC faculty and staff receive an unlimited quota for printing on campus. Printers in academic areas and the library will require authentication prior to printing. Printers located in office areas will be configured to track total usage, but there is no fee for printing in these areas.

Students and guest users may add additional amounts to their PaperCut account balance by redeeming pre-paid print cards purchased in the library, adding money through the on-line interface with a credit/debit card, or transferring money from their JCCC ID. See the Pay with ID and Add Credit sections under Printing Fees for additional information.

Please note: Unused additional cash or credit card funds will remain in a student's account until graduation or separation from the college. No refunds will be granted.

Semester (Term) Dates
PaperCut quotas will be added each term on the day after the payment deadline. Any unused free prints will be removed on the first business day after the last day of class of the term.

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Tuition & Payment Deadlines
  • Spring 2015 - Payment deadline is January 13 by 6 p.m.
  • Fall 2014 - Payment is due when you enroll.

    see Tuition and Deadlines
Textbook Costs

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Steps to Enroll for Credit Classes

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Cost for Credit Students

Spring Semester
  • 1-200 pages: free
  • 201+ pages: $.10 per page
Summer Semester
  • 1-100 pages: free
  • 101+ pages: $.10 per page
Fall Semester
  • 1-200 pages: free
  • 201+ pages: $.10 per page

Pay Tuition

Other Financial Assistance

Cost for Guests

All Semesters
  • Guests may obtain PaperCut credentials at the Billington Library circulation desk or the reference desk.
  • All pages: $.15 (no free pages)