Secondary School Documentation Requirements for International and Immigrant Students

All documentation should be sent to:

JCCC International and Immigrant Student Services Office
12345 College Boulevard, COM 306, Box 30
Overland Park, KS 66210-1299 USA

Submit either of the following secondary school documentation

  • Official or Attested National/State/Ministry of Education Exam results minimum passing national/state/ministry of education exam scores documenting minimum passing scores.
  • Official or attested secondary/high school transcript documenting the successful completion of secondary school.
    • Applicants who graduated from secondary/high school in the United States need only to provide their U.S. transcripts.
    • Applicants who have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credit at U.S. college/university are required to submit all college/university transcripts in lieu of secondary school transcripts.
      • English as a Second Language (ESL) courses do not qualify
    • Applicants who completed an alternative general education program in lieu of secondary/high school are required to provide official/attested documentation from their country documenting the subjects studied, minimum and maximum passing marks and date of graduation.

A transcript is an academic record provided by your educational institution. It lists the subjects you completed, the grades or marks you received, the credential you earned and the date you graduated.

Sending Transcripts
The secondary school or Examinations Council must mail the documentation directly to the International and Immigrant Student Services office.

  • A certified, line by line, word for word English translation is required to accompany the original document when scores/results are documented in any language other than English.
  • You may translate your documents yourself. Email International and Immigrant Student Services for specific translation instructions.