Scholarship Information for JCCC I-20 Students

I-20 Scholarships

There are limited scholarships offered through JCCC as well as outside organizations and there is great competition for scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements

  • All scholarships have an application process and a priority deadline, which may differ for various scholarships.
  • Some may require you to submit documentation to show that you have a financial need, samples of your work, an essay, or references from previous instructors or employers and similar references.

Three Types of Institutional and Local Scholarships

  1. Institutional Scholarships - These scholarships are from JCCC for example, academic, single parent, transfer student etc.
  2. Departmental Scholarships - These scholarships are from the specific department or degree field for example, music, math, education, etc.
  3. Private Scholarships - These scholarships are from clubs, organizations, business etc.

Scholarships for I-20 Students

  1. JCCC I-20 Student Need Scholarship - Awarded to a JCCC international student who is attending with a JCCC I-20. Applicants must be enrolled in credit courses at JCCC and have a minimum 2.5 JCCC GPA. Applicants must have earned 12 credit hours from JCCC. JCCC scholarship application is required. Applicants must be able to document that the circumstances that led to their economic situation were unexpected and beyond their control for example: a letter from his or her home country explaining a change in family circumstances or proof of currency devaluation in the student’s country.
  2. JCCC I-20 Merit Scholarship - Available to JCCC I-20 students who demonstrate exemplary school engagement, community involvement, civic responsibility and leadership experience. Applicants must complete the JCCC online scholarship application. Minimum 3.5 JCCC GPA is required. Preference given to applicants who have earned 12 or more credit hours, are enrolled in the JCCC Honors Program, are PTK or Student Senate officers, on the JCCC International Club leadership committee, have earned the JCCC Cavalier Leadership Development Program Certificate and volunteer in the IISS office and/or for IISS programs/events.
  3. Institute of International Education Funding for U.S. Study - Is a database of scholarships, fellowships and grants organized and maintained by the Institute of International Education (IIE).
  4. International Education Financial Aid - is a general resource for financial aid for international students. Their website includes a scholarship search database.

Financial Responsibility

All credit students, including I-20 and immigrant students are required to assume full financial responsibility for their education. For additional information refer to the Student Financial Responsibility Statement.