Required Health Insurance for International and Immigrant Students

If you are legally present in the United States as an I-20 student attending Johnson County Community College, you are required to purchase accident, illness, medical evacuation and repatriation insurance through the JCCC specified provider. This is a policy required by JCCC.

Fees and Enrollment Requirements

  • Fees are automatically assessed when you enroll in classes.
  • The current fees are:
    • $875.91 from January 1 through to July 31
    • $625.65 from August 1 through to December 31
  • You are required purchase the coverage during all periods while lawfully present in or admissible to the United States with a JCCC I-20 including:
    • While authorized for optional practical training following graduation.
    • While authorized for reduced course load.
    • When alternate coverage is available or has already been purchased.
    • When outside the United States during a period of authorized early withdrawal.

Your Coverage

If you are a JCCC I-20 student, refer to the LewerMark Student Medical Insurance website for your insurance coverage.

  • Print your insurance card
    • Your JCCC student ID number is your insurance number
  • Learn how to find a doctor and how to use your prescription benefits
  • Get forms
  • Understand your policy, benefits, exclusions and terms

Transfer Deadlines

Students transferring from JCCC to a new institution are required to notify the JCCC International and Immigrant Student Services office by the following deadlines or will be assessed the insurance fee:

  • July 1 - if you intend to transfer from JCCC to a new institution for fall
  • December 1 - if you intend to transfer from JCCC to a new institution for spring

Keeping Your Costs Low

JCCC conducts a comprehensive search of providers every five years in order to select the best coverage at the lowest cost to our students. Although medical costs increase over time, our most significant cost increases have resulted from unnecessary use and abuse.

  • The insurance is intended to pay for unexpected accidents and illnesses such as automobile accidents, broken bones, chronic illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, etc.
  • Care for non-emergency illnesses such as a cough, stomach flu, headache, etc., if provided unnecessarily at the emergency room, raises your premium cost. Use of the insurance for expensive care such as that for pregnancy, prenatal care and child birth, diagnoses and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, purposely inflicted injuries, etc., also raises costs for all JCCC I-20 students. Refer to when to go to a clinic or an emergency room (PDF).

Requests for waivers, exceptions and exemptions will not be considered. Fees are subject to change without notice.