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Submit Financial Documentation for F-1, M-1, and Transfer I-20 Students

Financial Documentation for F-1, M-1, and Transfer I-20

Proof of Financial Support

Each person who will help pay for your education is required to provide the following documentation. The definitions follow this list.

  1. JCCC Financial Verification form
  2. Letter from the bank/financial institution
  3. Bank statements
  4. Optional: If housing and meals will be provided for you at no cost to you, you should also submit a Room and Board Affidavit form.

Financial Verification form - The person or persons who will pay for your education are required to complete the JCCC Financial Verification Form to prove someone will pay for your educational expenses.

  • JCCC Financial Verification Form (PDF)
  • If your government or an agency such as a church will pay for your education, they are required to provide an original letter on official letterhead, specifying the dollar amount of support per year, the period of the time covered by the award and procedures for payment.
  • An letter or financial form issued to another institution is not acceptable at JCCC.
  • One I-20 student cannot pay your educational expenses.

(Financial or Bank Letter) and (Financial or Bank Statements) are Both Required - JCCC requires both types of documentation verifying adequate finances in to improve the probability you will be issued a student visa.

Bank Letter - Whomever will pay your educational expenses is required to submit on your behalf, an original bank statement and an original bank letter, on official letterhead, signed by a bank official, stating:
“ <Sponsor’s Name> has held an account with <Financial Institution’s Name> since <date account(s) was/were opened> and has a current balance in excess of USD (refer to JCCC I-20 Budget for the minimum balance amount) in funds available for the educational sponsorship of <student’s name>.”

Bank Statements - The financial or bank statements must be less than six months old when you submit them to JCCC.

Cost of Living for Free in the U.S. requires a form - If you live with a family member or a friend in the Kansas City area who will provide you with a place to live and meals at no cost to the you, have them complete the Room and Board Affidavit form in order to deduct the amount budgeted for room and board.

You Pay all Your Educational Expenses requires documentation- If you will pay for your educational expenses yourself, you will complete the Financial Verification form and submit the bank letter(s) and statement(s) from your account(s). You will need submit the documentation to prove you have the minimum budgeted amount for your study in the United States.

Cost to Bring Spouse and Children to the U.S. - If you bring your spouse and or children with you to the US as F-2 visa holders, you are required to submit documentation proving you have the minimum budgeted amount for each dependent you will bring, in addition to the funds required to pay for your study in the United States. Refer to the F-2 dependents section of the JCCC I-20 Budget.

The JCCC I-20 budget is determined using the same calculations used for U.S. citizens for determining the cost of attendance for federal financial aid. Although you may be able to live less expensively, the I-20 budget is applied consistently to improve the probability of visa issuance.

Insurance Requirement - All JCCC I-20 students are required to purchase insurance through JCCC. This fee is included in the JCCC I-20 Budget listed under accident/illness insurance. The fee will be assessed to you when you enroll in courses each semester. The JCCC policy requires you to purchase the JCCC insurance even if you have different, equal or more coverage through another policy. All requests for exceptions to this requirement will not be granted.

Tuition Increase - The JCCC board of trustees reserves the right to change the tuition and fees without notice. Some courses may require fees in addition to tuition. All tuition and fees are due by the payment deadline located in the academic calendar.

Scholarship Availability - JCCC has limited scholarship opportunities for students who are not already in the U.S. For information, visit the Financial Aid office’s website for scholarships. The scholarship deadline can also be found in the academic calendar by semester.