Concurrent I-20 Admission Requirements

Start Early if You are Outside the United States

If you are a transfer or concurrent I-20 student outside the U.S., you can begin this process early so you may be able to enroll before you arrive in the U.S.

Deadlines for Admission

There is not an admission deadline for concurrent I-20 applicants. However, JCCC begins enrolling as early as five months before a semester begins so to be admitted in time to enroll in the class you want, you should apply and satisfy all pre-enrollment requirements early.

Concurrently enrolling F-1 applicants are those who:

  • Have an I-20 from a school other than JCCC.
  • Who intend to study part-time at JCCC.
  • Who do not want a new I-20 from JCCC.

Following are the admission requirements for concurrently enrolling F-1 visa applicants.

  1. Apply (application instructions)
  2. Submit Concurrent Form
  3. Submit Status Documentation
  4. Submit Unofficial US Transcripts

Required Status Documentation

Submit the following documents to the JCCC International and Immigrant Student Services office. All status documents are required to be current. All of these documents are required prior to enrollment.

  • I-20
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94 admission/departure

Admission Requirements and Documentation for Concurrent Enrollment

  1. Apply (application instructions)
  2. Submit Secondary School Documentation(same for F-1, M-1, and Transfer I-20
  3. Submit Concurrent Form (only for Concurrent I-20)
  4. Submit Status Documentation (only for Transfer & Concurrent I-20)
  5. Submit Unofficial US Transcripts (only for Transfer I-20 and concurrent I-20)
  6. Request Official US Transcripts (only for Transfer and Concurrent I-20)
  7. Submit tuberculosis examination results (same for all statuses)
  8. Submit the Required Concurrent Enrollment Authorization Form