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Program Procedures

  • Students must be registered in the Civic Honors program before starting program requirements. Training activities and service hours completed prior to registration will not be accepted. Only the academic Service-learning requirement can be completed prior to Civic Honors registration.
  • Registration should be completed within the first month of a semester in order to graduate the next semester - by mid-September for spring or summer graduation or mid-February for a December graduation.
  • Requirements must be completed while a student is enrolled at JCCC or during the summer or semester breaks between semesters when enrolled.
  • Students will meet regularly with a Civic Honors advisor, to outline an individual Civic Honors plan, to discuss activities, review progress on requirements and to reflect on topics of civic responsibility and community engagement.
  • Requirements should be completed and reported by mid-March for spring and summer graduation so that recipients’ names can be printed in the graduation program.