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Science Resource Center

The Science Resource Center is a free support center for students enrolled in at least one science class at JCCC. Knowledgeable tutors help you with science curriculum. Models, textbooks and other resources are available.

The purpose of the Science Resource Center (SRC) is to provide life science and physical science students with academic support. Free tutoring in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology and physics is available to all students. We are open mornings, evenings and weekends. Refer to our hours along with the tutor schedules.

We have a quiet study environment and tutoring assistance in the center. If you need help understanding concepts, setting up problems or reviewing topics before exams, we want to help you.

Any JCCC student who is enrolled in a biological or physical science class during the current semester may use the SRC. If you are not enrolled in a science course during the semester, you will not be able to use the SRC. Refer to our guidelines and use. 

You must have a valid JCCC student ID.


Free tutoring is available for anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics and physiology on a walk-in basis. No appointments are necessary. We encourage you to ask us for assistance. 

SRC provides online tutoring through Canvas for chemistry and biology courses during the hours the center is open. Students can access the Zoom (video conferencing) link through the SRC link on their Canvas home page.


The SRC has various resources to aid you with your coursework including the following: 

Books - Copies of the current textbooks for most science classes are available for use in our SRC lab. 

Study Guides - Study guides and solution manuals for the textbooks are available for students enrolled in science classes.

Reference Books - Reference books are available for more in-depth understanding of the subject or a particular concept. 

Models - Anatomy, botany, chemistry and zoology models are available for students to use in the SRC. A booklet identifying key components accompanies each model. 

Software - Specific software for various science subjects is available for students to complete assignments or for extra practice. Students can also access online programs like Connect and Owl using the computers in the SRC to complete assignments and get help as needed. 

Microscopes - Compound microscopes and slides are available for students enrolled in microbiology and other biology classes. 

Anatomy Open Lab - If you are currently enrolled in an anatomy or physiology class, you can also use our anatomy lab. 

In addition to the above, printers, calculators and periodic tables are also available for you to use. 

A Day in the SRC

The following video was created to help you understand what is available to you in our Science Resource Center Lab.