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Guidelines for Originating Institutions:

  • Members of the testing lab staff serve as correspondence/distance learning exam proctors.
  • Exams requiring a special administration, such as the use of CD's or printing a hard copy of answers, require individual permission and scheduling from Testing Services administration.
  • Instructions to the examinee must be provided in writing (i.e., proctors will not give verbal instructions).
  • Instructions to the proctor must be provided in writing by the originating institution and must accompany the exam (i.e., procedures conveyed to the lab staff verbally or in writing by the examinee will not be accepted).
  • Exams must be administered in one session either timed or untimed (i.e., proctor will record beginning and ending time but will not time subsections of the exam).
  • Online tests must have prior approval of Testing Services administration.
  • Proctors will not collect additional materials from examinee or give additional materials to examinees from the originating institution (e.g., take-home tests, homework, course projects, registration forms, etc.).
  • All necessary test materials must be supplied by the originating institution and must accompany the exam (e.g., examinee information sheets, return envelopes, etc.).
  • E-mailed or faxed tests will not be accepted.
  • The testing lab staff will return exams via first class U.S. mail at JCCC's expense. Special mailing is not available.
  • Completed tests will not be faxed back to originating institution or be copied and kept on file.
  • Originating institutions should consider the schedule governing the availability of testing times for correspondence/distance learning exams when determining the expiration date of the exam. The exam will not be administered after the specified deadline.