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Credit Students


To log into your MyJCCC, you will need your JCCC-generated username.

Your username is your email ID, the characters before the @ sign in your JCCC student email account address. For example, the username for the email address is jsmith01.

If you've forgotten your username, you can retrieve it online.


If you're logging into MyJCCC for the first time, you'll also need the 9-digit default password included in your acceptance email.

If you have lost or forgotten your default password, call the Technical Support Center to have your password reset: 913-469-7700, option 1, or toll-free at 866-896-5893.

Once you have the default password, navigate to our password reset website to register your password reset account.

You will be prompted to create a new password. Passwords requirements:

  • 10 to 16 characters (longer passwords are even better!)
  •  It MUST include at least three of the following:
    • at least one number (0-9)
    • at least one non-alpha-numeric symbol, like @ # $ % ^ & * - _ ! + = :, etc.
    • at least one capital letter
    • at least one lower-case letter
  • It MUST NOT include part of your username, first name or last name
  • Do not reuse a password you have used before or one you use on other accounts.

Passwords are case sensitive, so "password" is not the same as "PASSWORD" or "PassWOrd."

The next time you log into MyJCCC, and every time thereafter, you will use your new password.

As a security measure, the system disables a MyJCCC account after the wrong password has been entered 5 times. Contact the Technical Support Center to have your account enabled.

Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education (CE) student usernames and passwords are managed separately from your MyJCCC credentials.

To create a Continuing Education user account, reset your current CE password, or retrieve your current CE username, go to the CE registration website.

If you have issues with your CE login, call the JCCC Continuing Education registration specialists at 913-469-2323.