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You Helping You

A student does ab exercises as part of her workout routine

Spring 2021

Student Wellness is looking forward to serving JCCC students to continue living out, sustaining and developing healthy lifestyles.

Group Fitness Classes and Wellness Programs will continue for all JCCC students! Enroll in the JCCC Student Wellness Community - it's free!

Group Fitness

Join us for Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop Dance, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, Mindfulness Walks, Abs & Core, Meditation, Resistance Training, Country Line Dance Workouts and other fitness opportunities offered virtually for students. Enjoy new workouts each week all semester! Discover your favorites and work out on your own schedule!

April 2021 - Get Moving, Get Healthy Together

All activities are free to JCCC students and available by enrolling in the free Student Wellness class!

  • April 12 - Pilates and Yoga Combo
  • April 19 - Barre
  • April 26 - Kickboxing
Trainer Tuesdays - Live Zoom with a certified personal trainer
  • Ask questions
  • Workout
  • Exercise tips
  • April 14 - Mindfulness Walk and/or Run
  • April 21 - CavFit
  • April 28 - Yoga

Take Over Thursday - Prerecorded Series

  • Sleep Well
  • Stress Relief
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Exercise after COVID
  • April 16 - Hip Hop Tabata
  • April 23 - Zumba
  • April 30 - Tai Chi/ChiGong

May 2021 - Exercise is Medicine Week

Yoga on the Old Soccer Field

  • Bring a towel, blanket or yoga mat
  • Masks are required
  • Yoga flows will run 25 minutes with 5 min breaks
  • Yoga will begin at the top of every 30 minutes (11, 11:30, 12, 12:30)

1 Mile Walk

Start at the basketball court

  • Check in at the basketball court
  • Warmups & Cool Downs will be offered every 30 minutes (11, 11:30, 12, 12:30)
  • Follow the yard signs to complete your mile

Ultimate Frisbee • Whiffle Ball • Strongest Cav

Check in for games at the basketball court

  • Each activity will begin every 30 minutes (11, 11:30, 12, 12:30)
  • Strongest Cav: Deadlift, Tractor Tire Roll, and Sled Push
  • Whiffle Ball on Old Softball Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee on Old Soccer Field

Fitness Center Challenge

  • Bring your Student ID to check into the fitness center
  • Stop at the table out front for your participation prizes
  • Pull Up Challenge –most pullups with perfect form
  • Circuit Challenge – Complete the circuit properly 3 times

Applied Exercise Science

Check in on virtual student wellness and social media for more details

Wellness Programs

Fitness Challenges start Jan. 25. More wellness program details to come!

For the latest information:

  • Sign up for the Student Wellness Newsletter in Canvas
  • Follow JCCC Student Wellness on Facebook and Twitter

Assessments, Personal Training and Wellness Coaching

Send us an email to schedule a 15-minute introductory session.

Barbara Gill Lifetime Fitness Center

Starting with: FREE access to JCCC’s fitness center.

JCCC’s Lifetime Fitness Center is open seven days a week and is located on the second floor of the GYM. It includes multiple cardio machines, weight machines, total body weight training and a specialized 20-minute total body circuit training system.

Vision and Purpose

JCCC’s Student Wellness vision is to promote health and wellness by building a cohesive campus community for students by furthering their academic success through healthy lifestyle engagement.

For more information or if you have questions, please email Student Wellness.