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Enroll in a one-credit class but work at the center with on-duty staff. Enroll in Individualized Study to get a program just right for you.

The AAC offers classes in basic skills essential for college success. For most courses, you are required to spend a minimum number of hours studying in the center, pass a minimum number of tests, complete a course notebook, and take a post-test.

AAC 100 Study Skills
AAC 102 Basic Spelling
AAC 106 Vocabulary Development
AAC 112 Basic Math Review
AAC 113 Algebra Preparation
AAC 114 Chemistry Preparation
AAC 120 Individualized Study

AAC Classes are Different

Academic Achievement Center classes are not online. Attendance is required at least once a week in the Academic Achievement Center in OCB 304.

AAC classes follow a self-instructional format with flexible scheduling. Because they do not meet on a set schedule, you will see "TBA" when you look at the meeting days and time in the online registration system. You can work on your class anytime during regular AAC hours. AAC classes require students to study independently with the assistance of instructors who are on duty; they do not offer formal lecture or private one-on-one tutoring.

During the first week of classes, students are required to attend an orientation session in OCB 304. Orientations are on a first-come, first-served basis and take approximately one hour. A JCCC student ID card is required for admission to the AAC.

AAC Course Requirements

To pass the 1 credit AAC courses (with a grade of C or P), you must complete the following:

  • Hours: Complete a minimum of 20 study hours in the AAC 
  • Tests: Complete the required number of tests (usually 4 - 9).
  • Notebook: Maintain and turn in a course notebook.
  • Post-test: Take a post-test.

Individualized Study

If you enroll in Individualized Study, a specific program will be designed for you. Your visits to the AAC must be spent on that program. You can't come in and study other subjects. This class is generally recommended only for students who have already taken one of the other AAC classes and would like to continue building their skills in that subject area.