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College coursework can be challenging. JCCC has experienced tutors to help you succeed and reach your academic goals.

Receive free tutoring in a variety of subjects. In addition to drop-in tutoring assistance in all of the College’s resource centers, you also can receive scheduled, semester-long individualized tutoring assistance in many subjects through the Academic Achievement Center (AAC).

Contact your professor or appropriate department office to find resources not listed below. Be sure to have your student ID handy when visiting the resource centers.

Tutoring and Resource Centers

Academic Achievement Center
The AAC, located in OCB 304, is a resource for any JCCC student who needs help with class material. While other JCCC resource centers focus on a specific content area (such as writing or math), the AAC works with you to improve your ability and readiness to learn. You can also schedule up to 90 minutes of individualized tutoring assistance each week all semester long at no charge from AAC Tutors.

Language Resource Center Tutoring Information
The Language Resource Center (LRC) (LIB 352 and GEB 316) offers various resources and a schedule of tutors to help you become more fluent in a foreign language.

Math Resource Center
You may use the Math Resource Center (MRC) (CLB 212) if you are currently enrolled in a course offered by the JCCC Mathematics department. Whether you’re struggling with math concepts, are stuck on your homework or just need a quiet place to study, the MRC can help.

Science Resource Center
Available to any JCCC student enrolled in a biological or physical science class during the current semester, the Science Resource Center (SRC) (CLB, 1st floor) can help explain concepts, go through problems with you or review topics before an exam.

Writing Center
Located in LIB 308, the Writing Center will assist you with reviewing, refreshing and upgrading your writing skills. Receive one-on-one help or enroll in a topical class.