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Lost & Found

Turn in lost and found property to campus police without delay. Doing so makes it more likely that police will be able to return the property to the owner. Police will not accept organic matter, containers with a liquid substance or computer storage devices, such as flash drives, thumb drives, etc.

Police will only release property to the owner, and the owner must present a valid form of identification, i.e., JCCC college identification, driver’s license, passport, etc.

To determine if police have your property, call the police dispatcher at 913-469-8500, ext. 5678, or check the property log.

Security Escorts, Motorist Assistance & Room Unlocks

Police officer escorting woman

Campus police are available upon request to provide a security escort to campus locations or vehicles. They also provide motorist assistance and unlock doors on campus.

For assistance, call the campus police department at 913-469-2500 (913-339-6699 TDD/TTY).

Child Car Seat Checks

Did you know that most child car seats are installed incorrectly? Officer Kathy Rhoades and/or Officer Jacob Johnson will provide child seat safety inspections for all students, faculty and staff every Wednesday, 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. For an appointment, email or

Event Security

The campus police department is charged with planning and operational management of many special events on campus.

JCCC police work with many other campus departments to provide security for a diverse selection of events that occur at the college.

The department develops plans for handling each individual special event. The plan contains the number of staff needed, the responsibilities of those involved, crowd and traffic control, logistical and safety concerns, and the anticipated criminal activities that are associated with particular events. The plan also establishes coordination with other law enforcement and support agencies should their assistance be required.

A designated chain of command for every operation is established in advance, and an individual is assigned to complete an after-action report detailing circumstances arising from the event.