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JCCC students who transfer to another college prior to completing an associate degree may transfer credits back to JCCC to complete their degree.

You must meet all graduation requirements for your degree at JCCC including the JCCC credit hour requirement. General graduation requirements and time limits to maintaining your catalog of record are provided on the graduation requirements webpage.

To transfer credits to JCCC, you should send official transcripts of coursework completed at other colleges to JCCC. An evaluation of the transfer work will be completed to determine how the credits will be applied to the JCCC transcript. Students may then log in to MyJCCC to determine if all degree requirements have been met by reviewing DegreeCheck.

Once all degree requirements are met through a combination of JCCC and transfer credit, you may apply for graduation at JCCC by submitting an Application for Graduation. This application is required even if you do not intend to participate in the graduation ceremony. The Records Office will then review your record and award the degree if all requirements are met.

For help with questions about degree requirements at JCCC, call 913-469-8500 ext. 3809 to schedule an appointment with a counselor or view degree requirements online in the JCCC catalog.