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Knowing how to read and write effectively is the key to success. Improve your vocabulary. Learn note-taking and how to analyze writing and formulate conclusions in JCCC's Reading program.

The Reading program at JCCC shares strategies to process and comprehend academic content to help complete your coursework. You will learn how to:

  • Use active reading strategies to improve comprehension
  • Develop valuable studying habits and higher literacy levels
  • Further your writing skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Analyze writing to identify main ideas, and supporting details, and identify the author’s purpose and tone
  • Formulate conclusions and analysis based on both stated and implied information

If you are unsure if reading classes are right for you? Take the ACCUPLACER test through Testing Services to find out.

At JCCC, we offer three different reading courses for students:

  1. RDG 096: Academic Reading is required for students with ACCUPLACER scores that indicate needed support. However, this course is available for any student who wishes to become a more efficient academic reader. This class helps with vocabulary, note-taking, annotating, summarizing, inferring, analyzing, and processing academic text. Watch the video!
  2. RDG 120: Reading Effectively Across Disciplines is a 1-credit elective paired with one text-heavy course like Psychology, Sociology, or History that you might take during the semester. The RDG 120 class will introduce valuable strategies while working with the paired class readings/texts to complete assignments, read critically, and build confidence in your text-heavy course. 
  3. RDG 127: College Reading Skills is an elective, college-level course focused on advanced reading skills. Watch the video!

Before dropping a required reading class, talk to an Academic Counselor.

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One-on-one assistance is available if you are enrolled in at least one credit class at JCCC. You can get free support from a Reading Specialist