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Unleash your potential and develop strategies to succeed in your college career.

Build confidence, improve your grades and learn how to study with help from the College Success Department. You'll find three different strategies for success, all catered to meet your specific needs.

[Catalog] College Success courses

Improve academic skills

College Success offers learning strategies courses for determined college students. Find the best method for you to retain information and discover ways to better handle the demands of academics. Instead of teaching a specific subject, these classes provide opportunities to gain academic skills.

Courses for skill mastery (no college credit)

Courses for elective college credit *

*These classes are accepted as electives in most programs of study.

You’ll gain confidence in how to navigate all types of classroom subjects. Even better, you can apply the skills you master to your current classes. College Success classes cover:

  • learning how to study
  • retaining information
  • testing strategies
  • dealing with test anxiety
  • learning strategies for math
  • time management and organization

Find these courses in the class schedule search by typing "COLL" into the keyword search bar.

Prepare for the future

Success in college is the first step to prospering in your career, and planning for the future will help you achieve your goals. Enroll in classes to learn:

  • Job search skills: Learn to find jobs that fit your life goals and how to apply for them. Create a professional profile and get college credit for something you'll need to do anyway.
  • Work/life balance: The Career and Life Planning course shares strategies to advance your career, manage your time, set goals and maintain your well-being.

For high school students

College Success courses are a great way to prepare for your college experience.

  • Learn the skills needed to succeed in college
  • Connect to campus resources
  • Get familiar with campus buildings and amenities

Transition Into Post-Secondary (TIPS) is for college-bound high school seniors with an IEP or 504 plan who have the ability to take regular college courses. By taking the College Success Strategies for TIPS course as a senior, you can:

  • Earn 3 college credits in COLL 200
  • Learn how to be academically successful in college
  • Experience college on campus with extra support and encouragement

TIPS can help you make the transition from high school to college. If you're unsure if you qualify, talk to your high school special education representative/counselor or JCCC’s College Success Transition Program Coordinator.