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The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is on the first floor of LIB (Library) and provides study spaces, free tutoring for credit classes, technology and many other academic support offerings.

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Note: Any user needing screen magnification over 150% should contact Joyce Friedel to schedule tutoring sessions if unable to complete the online request.

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Academic Resource Center Services

The AAC is a resource for any JCCC student who needs help with class material.

While other JCCC resource centers focus on a specific content area (such as writing or math), the AAC works with you to improve your ability and readiness to learn. You can also schedule up to 90 minutes of individualized tutoring assistance each week all semester long at no charge from AAC Tutors.

Learn more about the AAC

The Language Resource Center offers various resources and a schedule of tutors to help you become more fluent in a foreign language.

Learn more about the LRC

The Math Resource Center can assist you with mathematics questions for any course you are taking. Whether you’re struggling with math concepts, are stuck on your homework or just need a quiet place to study, we can help.

Contact a math tutor now (via Zoom)

Learn more about the MRC

Reading Specialist assistance is a free resource for students enrolled in at least one credit class at JCCC. Our knowledgeable reading specialists have years of experience and look forward to working with you.

Learn more about Reading Specialist Services

Available to any JCCC student enrolled in a science, healthcare or cosmetology class during the current semester, the Science Resource Center can help explain concepts, go through problems with you or review topics before an exam.

Learn more about the SRC

The Writing Center will assist you one-on-one with reviewing, refreshing and upgrading your writing skills. 

Learn more about the WCTR

Academic Support Credit Programs

Build confidence, improve your grade point average and learn how to study with help from the College Success Department. You'll find three different strategies for success, all catered to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about College Success classes

Reading classes at JCCC will give you more tools to succeed and help you better process the information in college textbooks. 

Learn more about Reading classes

Need a place to study?

JCCC has several study spaces and computers for you to use. 

See Study Spaces and Resources

ARC Mission Statement

The Academic Resource Center offers free, quality services for all JCCC students to help them be successful in their coursework. These academic supports are designed to supplement course content and to reinforce collegiate study habits and processing skills.

Academic Resource Center staff members provide a collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages a diverse population of students to become independent, resilient learners while at JCCC and beyond.

Instructional outcomes will ultimately depend on students’ academic performance in their classes. The Academic Resource Center focuses on tutoring and other support inputs with the goal of helping all JCCC students achieve success in their coursework.

ARC Procedures

These Academic Resource Center procedures are followed by each of the resource centers and common areas:

  • Drinks with a lid are allowed. Non-messy snacks are allowed in most areas of the ARC, unless otherwise marked. All other food consumption should take place in the Stacks Café area.
  • Room reservations are done through LibCal, and there may be limits on maximum time and recurrences of reservations. No-show and cancellation procedures may also be enforced.
  • We expect that you will actively participate in your learning. There are limitations to what assistance tutors and learning specialists can provide; they do not just check homework, although they are happy to answer any questions about homework. We also do not help with take-home quizzes, exams, or any other assessments your instructors have required you to complete.
  • We ask that you check in and out via AccuCampus at each space you visit in the center.
  • We ask that you work quietly, maintaining noise levels appropriate for a study space.
  • Resource center spaces are for working on academics, not hanging out.
  • The ARC is for student and employee use only. However, community members may patronize Stacks Café and use the Library 2nd floor services.
  • No children are allowed in the ARC.
  • Resource centers will support CE students if services are requested, though there may be some limitations.