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JCCC counselors are available to help you succeed as a student.

Meet With a Counselor Today

  • Choose or change your major and stay on track for graduation.
  • Ensure a smooth transfer process to a 4-year institution.
  • Discover resources and tools available to help build your schedule, complete enrollment and receive help with coursework each semester.
  • Learn how to get involved in Student Senate, clubs and orgs, athletics, study abroad, service learning, honors and other leadership programs.
  • If there’s a hold on your account due to test scores, academic probation or suspension, you are required to meet with a counselor.

Appointment Requirements

  • Apply to become a JCCC student if you're not currently attending JCCC
  • Attend a new student orientation session
  • Complete any required assessment tests
  • Request your official transcripts/ACT/AP/CLEP scores be sent to JCCC
  • If you are interested in a selective admissions program such as Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Cosmetology, Chef Apprenticeship etc., please review the selective admissions web page.

To make sure the time spent with a counselor is helpful, write down a list of questions to bring with you.

  • Planning on earning a degree from JCCC? Print your DegreeCheck Audit. If your degree doesn’t appear on the first page of the audit, use the “What If” option to check status.
  • Transferring to JCCC from another college or university? If we do not have your transcripts on file, bring an unofficial copy so the counselor has all of your academic information.
  • Transferring from JCCC to another college or university? If there is a transfer guide to your school of choice, download the guide and bring it with you.
  • If you previously met with a counselor to create an educational plan, or if you're interested in taking certain classes, bring the plan and class list with you.

Download the Counseling Center Student Prep Checklist (PDF)

Connect with a Counselor

Appointments may not be available during peak times of enrollment. Please see "Virtual Walk-ins."

  • Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with your appointment date and time — to your JCCC stumail if you are a current student, or your personal email if you are a prospective student.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call 24 hours prior to your appointment time. This will allow us to serve other students who need to meet with a Counselor.
  • Face-to-Face Appointments: Show up on time. Check in on second floor of Student Center.
  • Virtual Appointments: Zoom will need to be downloaded on your device. A meeting link will be emailed at the time of the appointment or a few minutes prior to the appointment. Please check your JCCC stumail account if you are a current student, or your personal email if you are a prospective student. Please make sure you are in a quiet/private location.
  • Phone appointments: A Counselor will call you at your scheduled time; please note that the call will come from a blocked number. Please make sure you are in a quiet/private location and have access to a computer.

To schedule or cancel an appointment, call 913-469-3809.

Appointments will reduce your wait time and will give the Counselor time to gather appropriate resources for your appointment.

If you have an urgent issue that must be resolved ASAP, or if you are dealing with an academic or personal crisis, call 913-469-3809.

Email are best suited for:

  • Prerequisite waivers
  • Questions about withdrawing
  • Questions about pass/fail
  • Course overload requests


  • Emails will be answered in one to two business days.
  • Current JCCC students should use their JCCC email account (stumail) when emailing Counseling. For help accessing your email account, see Student Email Help.
  • Provide your JCCC ID number.
  • Provide your phone number where you can be reached.


Instant Messaging is best suited for:

  • 1-2 quick general questions
  • Questions about holds
  • Enrollment start dates
  • Payment deadlines


  • Chat with Counselor will be no longer than 5-8 minutes
  • Quick response time

Virtual Walk-in is best suited for

  • Discussing general class schedule without going into specific times and days
  • General transfer questions
  • Academic probation or suspension questions
  • Quick degree audits (How many hours do I need to graduate?)


  • Wait times will vary
  • You will need to have Zoom downloaded on your device
  • You will need to be in a quiet/private location
  • Keep your email open and accessible during your session. Should any technical issues arise, a Counselor will contact you via email with instructions or updates.
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