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February 21, 2020

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The board of trustees at JCCC voted to censure Board Member Angeliina Lawson at its public board meeting on February 20, 2020, after adopting findings of fact confirming that Lawson violated JCCC Code of Conduct Policy 114.01. Both votes were 5-1, with Trustee Lawson voting “no” and Trustee Laura Smith-Everett abstaining, noting she was not on the board when the issue arose last fall.

This action stemmed from an initially "anonymous" email provided to the JCCC administration in November 2019. Due to the severity of factually incorrect statements and accusations included in this email, the administration responded to correct the inaccuracies that filled the email, which was provided to the board at the November 2019 board meeting. At this meeting, six of the seven trustees denied writing and sending the email, and Trustee Lawson did not answer. During the December 2019 board meeting, the board again addressed the email, with six of the seven board members denying any association, and Trustee Lawson choosing not to answer the repeated question again. 

Due to Lawson’s refusal to answer any questions associated with the email, the board voted to launch an investigation into the matter through outside counsel, which resulted in the adopted findings of fact and censure of Lawson on Thursday, proving her responsibility for the email.