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May 8, 2024

Transferring his degree puts Tyler Pennington in KU’s pre-med program.

In just a few years, Tyler Pennington hopes to add a new title to his name: doctor.

Tyler has already graduated JCCC with an Associate of Science in General Sciences and was accepted for transfer admission as a pre-medical student at the University of Kansas.

Once he completes his bachelor’s at KU, he aims to move on to medical school and, finally, his dream job as a physician.

A career that gives back

Tyler’s wife, Ashley, has dealt with multiple chronic health issues over the years. After resting at home from a surgical procedure, Ashley suddenly experienced severe complications. Tyler rushed her and their two sons to the hospital, where Ashley received life-saving treatment.

“In retrospect, it was, without a doubt, a pivotal moment in my life that began to lead me down the path to becoming a physician,” said Tyler. “I was so unbelievably grateful and thankful for the physicians that were able to orchestrate getting Ashley the care she needed. It’s the reason that she is still alive today.”

Tyler’s gratitude to the hospital staff soon turned into a desire to pay it forward. He decided the best way to do so would be to pursue medicine as a profession.

With a career goal in mind, he changed his major to Biology/General Sciences and got to work charting his educational path: transfer into a pre-medical program after graduation from JCCC, study for the MCAT, and one day get accepted into medical school and become a physician.

JCCC makes your medical school dreams possible

Tyler is currently enrolled in pre-med classes and earning experience in the field, working as a scribe at podiatric medical clinic. He assists the clinical team and the on-staff surgeon in day-to-day patient interactions.

According to Tyler, the high caliber of JCCC instructors prepared him for this demanding work. One professor, Dr. Gina Egan, who taught him General Chemistry II, immediately came to mind.

“During Dr. Egan’s introduction, she spoke briefly about her career, mentioning that she spent 10 years working as a Forensic Chemist for the FBI in their Quantico, Virginia, headquarters,” said Tyler. “I remember being absolutely blown away that she had that kind of professional experience, and how lucky I felt that I was able to learn from a professor such as her at JCCC.”

With help from JCCC professors, academic counselors and staff, Tyler’s time as a Cavalier set him up for success in his medical studies.  

“My time as a Cavalier permeates through all aspects of my day-to-day life,” said Tyler. “Without the opportunities provided to me by JCCC, I wouldn’t be the person, husband, father, employee, or student that I am today.”

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