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Design of the word CURE with colorful rays emanating from the letter C.JCCC is proud to host the 2023 Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) Symposium.

CURE differ from traditional or inquiry courses:

  • Students have opportunities to make discoveries that interest stakeholders outside the classroom and share their results to the broader scientific community.
  • Students can engage in a range of science practices:
    • Collect and analyze data
    • Build and defend arguments
    • Collaborate with one another and more experienced scientists
  • The work is iterative: Students must troubleshoot, problem-solve and repeat aspects of their work for the research to progress.
  • The work must build off and have the potential to contribute to a larger body of knowledge in the discipline.

Learn more at CUREnet.

Students will present their CURE in a conference-style poster session.


  • Research or projects may be from any course that uses a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience.


  • Provide students an opportunity to showcase their research in a conference setting
  • Build confidence in communicating scientific information
  • Provide an opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate
  • Provide a chance to stimulate interest in CURE