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Ankeet Prasai, President

Hi! My name is Ankeet; I serve as the president of the student body. I have a lot of aspirations for the future and this seemed like a step that could motivate me to do more, and a position where I could motivate others to realize their true potential. The motto I try to remember whenever I'm not quite feeling is “Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.” — Jake the dog from Adventure Time

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Dalal Essa, Vice President

Hey! My name is Dalal Essa and I'm in my final year at JCCC and plan on transferring to UMKC to major in marketing. I love getting to engage with other people around campus and I am always seeking out opportunities that allow me to do so. One of my goals as the Vice President of the Student Senate is to engage as many people as possible in clubs and other opportunities found around campus. I personally benefited greatly from becoming engaged on campus and wish to open that to students across campus. I know that Student Senate is one of the best ways to do so — and so much more.

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Lisa Le, Parliamentarian

My name is Lisa Le and I’m majoring in Biology with the goal of becoming a Dentist. As the Parliamentarian of Student Senate, I am extremely passionate about both bringing about and creating new resources on campus that can better serve the student body. It excites me every time when I learn from different perspectives that can further improve on whatever the cause may be. I am truly grateful to be able to interact with people from other cultures and ethnicities, because I find that allowing yourself to emerge afar from your bubble will give you the opportunity to think out of your box with new ideas. My personal goal that I’ve kept with me is, for each day is to make myself a better person than who I was yesterday.

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Soniya Pathak, Treasurer

My name is Soniya Pathak and I am pursuing an Associate of Arts degree. I plan to transfer to UMKC for a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. English is my second language, but I continue to overcome obstacles presented my way. I am now adapting myself to new situations and interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. My goal for Student Senate as a Treasurer is to ensure that all funds are being used responsibly to all the clubs and organizations around the College and in accordance to Student Senate votes and regulations.

Secretary, Vacant