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Cavalier Leadership Development Program

CLDP is a 10-week leadership program designed to empower students to be people of influence in their professional and academic environments. Featuring workshops, guest speakers and practical training, CLDP will help you stand out as a capable leader, both now and in the future.

Be Empowered to Lead Relationally

Leadership is an essential skill to possess in today’s market, whether your pursuit is entrepreneurial, academic or industrial. Having the ability to influence and relate positively with people around you will allow you to emerge from the crowd, and will bring new opportunities your way. The goal of CLDP is to develop these skills in you.

Good leaders are relational, responsible and reproducing. Each session will equip you with the tools and training necessary to grow in these areas, and give you confidence when you step out into your career or four-year college. 

At the end of the program, you will be awarded a Leadership Certificate by the college – a unique resume builder that will set you apart from other graduates and transfer students.

Contact Cassie Jordan, manager of Student Activities and Leadership Development, by email or by phone at 913-469-3433 to sign up for email updates or for additional information.