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Get organized. Stay organized. Create your action plan. Be a success. It’s easy with AccuCampus.

AccuCampus logo next to a photo of a tutor helping a student in one of the resource centers

Get organized today!

AccuCampus is your individual action plan. It will help you:

  • Find free tutors and tech support  
  • Set up your own communications network
  • Track and maximize your study time
  • Use campus resources
  • Schedule appointments
  • Register for events

Manage your schedule

To get started, log in to MyJCCC and select AccuCampus. The program will have your class schedule and, based on your courses, will recommend support services and resources. Visit these resource centers for advice and assistance that can motivate you to achieve your college goals.

Be sure to check in and out at all the locations you visit on campus. This information, along with communication from your instructors, counselors, advocates and others, will be recorded in AccuCampus.

Get the AccuCampus mobile app

Once you've accessed AccuCampus through MyJCCC on a computer, get the mobile app.

From a computer, log in to MyJCCC and click the phone icon in the upper right corner to get the QR code you will need.

  1. On your phone, download the AccuCampus app.
  2. Within the AccuCampus app, find "Scan the QR code now!" and scan the QR code.
  3. You are now logged in to your personal AccuCampus plan.
  4. Use AccuCampus to get organized, stay organized and be successful.